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We’ve had endless calls from Investors from all over the World wanting to profit from Metro Detroit’s Real Estate Market.  The Opportunities are here, but the downside is all the work required to take advantage of it.  Just the time and expense involved in searching for the right properties, the entire purchase process, inspections, title work review and closings…. Is enough to detour many people.  And that’s just the beginning.  Then comes the efforts and expense involved in Managing and Leasing the property, which includes finding the right tenants, tenant screening, move-ins, rent collection and dealing with occasional evictions.  If that’s not exhausting enough, don’t forget about maintenance, repairs and municipal rental inspections to deal with.  Plus other expenses like insurance, property taxes and keeping concise accounting of the investments to keep track of.  What if all this hassle and expense was taken away and you could just simply enjoy some of the profits from it.  Now you can with our Exclusive Program.

Our Investment Philosophy

After doing Real Estate for over 24 years…. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly.  True experience comes not in the ‘up years’, but in the ‘down years’.  Seeing the ‘flip side’ of things helps you better understand where an investment can go.  Armed with this knowledge, we place our funds in only the most ‘rock solid’, conservative properties that are sure to bring a reliable return.  We’ve learned a ‘formula’ for success in the selection of properties that we choose to include in our Portfolio.  We’re then experts at the Leasing and Management thereafter.  We plan our entire investment strategy to benefit our investors first, and us second.

Our Properties - Our Philosphy

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